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Can we freeze food that has already been thawed?

Can we freeze food that has already been thawed? Clear all doubts and see that the answer will surprise you.

can you freeze food that has already been thawed? Doubt is so common that the answer could not escape us. And that’s exactly what we’re going to share with you today.

One of the basic rules we learn when we start to deal with the kitchen is that a food once thawed can never go back to the freezer. Well, recent research shows that, perhaps, this is not the case. As long as some essential care is taken, it may be possible to reuse steaks and leftover food.


How many times have you defrosted an amount of meat that you thought was the right amount but when it was time to cook you realized it was too much and then it ended up in the garbage? Know that, as long as certain minimum conditions are met, it is possible to freeze food that has already been thawed.

And this fact is not said by people without knowledge of the facts. It is the very entity that regulates food safety in the United States of America that confirms: it is more than possible, as long as this process has been carried out in the best way.


How to properly defrost food

The defrosting process is absolutely essential to ensure that food that has already been defrosted can then be frozen.

Forget the fad of putting food on top of the kitchen sink. In fact, this is one of the most dangerous methods. Bacteria love warmer environments and the meat will undergo a major thermal change and be more vulnerable to this. Always let the product thaw inside the fridge and properly protected. Microwaves should also be avoided.

Furthermore, if food has been defrosted outside the refrigerator, it cannot be refrozen.

In short, it is possible to freeze food that has already been thawed, even if it has not been cooked, provided that:

  1. They have been properly defrosted in the fridge;
  2. Have the characteristics of a healthy product (no bad smell or slimy appearance);
  3. Are properly packed in a bag or container suitable for this purpose;
  4. Have not remained in the fridge after being frozen for more than two days.

Always check the condition of the food in question and, if in doubt, do not risk it. It is better to give up a piece of meat than to spend a few days around medication and hospital appointments.

Article originally published January 2021. Updated September 2022.

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