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Can my reputation on social networks affect my work life? • ENTER.CO

Every day we share thousands of contents on social networks. Trips, dinners, meetings with friends and even workday activities end up in reels, stories and posts. But we rarely ask ourselves, is it possible that what I say on my networks can affect my work life?

It is increasingly difficult to make a separation between personal and work life when it comes to social networks. It is necessary to be clear about two situations: 1) Being in the selection process and 2) Already working for an organization. In the first case, although it should not be decisive, you should know that recruiters or selectors increasingly consider the profile and reputation in networks to decide, it is a practice that has been spreading to know if the candidate fits the philosophy of the organization.

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On the other hand, it is different when it comes to an employee who has decided to post comments on networks that go against the company they work for. Social posts are personal and are not considered just cause to fire someone from their job. However, it is pertinent to consider an ethical factor in everything you publish on your social networks, since everything you say on networks is part of your reputation on the network. Also, you should consider other aspects because when signing a work contract with a company or organization, there is a commitment.

Part of this commitment is to promote a good name and take care of the brand. So, the publication of comments against the company in which you work could mean a breach of the signed employment contract. The recommendation to be careful with what you post on your social profiles and if you find yourself in the middle of this situation, consult the Ministry of Labor for professional advice.

Image: Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

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