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Can I withdraw part of the FGTS to settle my debts?

At first glance, the workers considered the idea of ​​using the FGTS to settle debts, however, it is not possible because it is not provided for by law. The worker will only be able to make a part of the withdrawal thanks to the Anniversary-Withdrawal, that is, he will be able to use it in the way he prefers.

These values ​​begin to become available in the month of each worker’s birthday, which means that from March, for example, it will be possible to withdraw money and if you do not withdraw it, the money will remain active in the account until the end of the month. May.

The Severance Indemnity Fund only allows the full withdrawal of the amounts deposited to occur only in various situations already provided for by law, that is, dismissal for just cause, termination of the contract and/or when the worker obtains his own home.

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Values ​​can also be withdrawn when a family member is affected by a serious illness, with regard to cancer, HIV or the terminal stage due to any of these diseases.

What this article covers:

Who is entitled to receive the FGTS?

Apart from other workers with a formal contract, other workers are also eligible to receive the FGTS. Check out:

  • Domestic workers;
  • Temporary workers;
  • rural workers;
  • casual workers;
  • intermittent workers;
  • Harvesters who work only during the harvest period;
  • Professional athletes.

All the workers mentioned can receive the FGTS and even use the birthday withdrawal that corresponds to their month of birth.

How to withdraw FGTS?

It will be necessary that the workers who wish to withdraw the FGTSaccess the bank’s website and if you want to settle all your debts, you must access the application FGTS🇧🇷 However, only those born in September and December may have the chance to withdraw the amounts. The deadlines for withdrawing money are always the last of the month.

Those who chose not to withdraw the amounts received by the FGTS, can only receive it through withdrawal-termination, which only happens when that worker in question was fired without just cause or when the contract comes to an end by the company.

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