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Can I request the inclusion of a dependent in the CPF for IR deduction?

Here comes the time to declare income tax and also the moment that raises many doubts in people, one of them is how to include dependents and whether you can request the inclusion of a dependent in the CPF for deduction of the income tax.

The IR or Income Tax is charged by the Federal Government every year. Each Brazilian citizen must fill out a declaration when making a reckoning of how his income was during the previous 12 months. This means that for those who will declare income tax in 2022, they should do so based on the previous year’s income and expenses (2021).

In this content you will understand how to request the inclusion of a dependent in the CPF for IR deduction. Keep on texting!

What this article covers:

What is an inclusion of dependents in the CPF?

The inclusion of a dependent in the CPF is when an economic, family, legal or other dependent is included.

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Doing this is very important to be aware that you have dependents.

Who can be included as a CPF dependent

Check out the list of who can be included as a dependent on the CPF below:

  • Children and Stepchildren;
  • Spouse;
  • Brothers;
  • Grandchildren or great-grandchildren;
  • Fathers-in-law and Mothers-in-law;
  • deceased relatives;
  • Son-in-law or daughter-in-law;
  • People who live in another country;
  • Person incapable of whom the taxpayer is guardian.

It is important to point out that everyone on the list needs to fit the imposed criteria for each of them to enter as a dependent. So always be aware of all criteria regarding IR dependents.

What are Income Tax dependents?

To include dependents in the IR, there are some criteria to be followed. Among these may be children, parents, stepchildren, siblings, great-grandchildren or grandchildren.

What are income tax dependents?

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For children or stepchildren, for example, it is necessary to be under 21 years old and if the dependent is a student, a limit of up to 24 years old is extended. For dependents with physical or mental limitations, this criterion does not apply.

How to include dependents?

To include dependents, just fill in everyone’s data and add their income, it also includes material goods and debts. When filling in, it is necessary to inform everyone’s name, CPF and date of birth. Without the CPF number, it is not possible to declare a dependent.

How much can be deducted from the IR with dependents?

During the IR declaration, it is possible to have a discount of up to R$ 2,275.08 per dependent. This discount refers to the amount of tax that will be paid. In cases of health and education expenses can also be deducted. In education, there is a limit of BRL 3,561.50 in deductions and for health there is no limit.

Can I include dependents who do not have a CPF?

It is not possible to include dependents who do not have a CPF, as informing the document number is mandatory even for children born in the last 12 months.

Precautions when declaring dependents on the IR

See below for precautions when declaring dependents on the IR:

  • Inform the assets that each dependent owns;
  • Proof of expenses;
  • All dependents can be on a declaration in the same year only.

It is essential to be very careful when declaring dependents on Income tax so that there are no problems later. Do not forget to declare material goods, such as a car, for example, and others that fit the criteria for the Income Tax declaration.

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