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Can I register the same pix key in different banks? Also check the key limit!

After all, is it possible to register the same pix key in different banks? Pix is ​​the best payment method these days, it has been in effect since November 2020 in Brazil, but there are still many doubts about this function, especially with regard to its access, what we know as “pix key”.

Doubts make people stop using this function, while for others, they allow them to fall into some scams. Doubts exist to be resolved, and here you will find some answers to some questions regarding pix keys and their connections with banks.

What this article covers:

Is it possible the same pix key in different banks?

Before answering this question, it is necessary to understand what the pix key is. When you decide to enable the pix on your account, you need to create a key, which can be your CPF, email, cell phone number or a random code that is generated by the bank itself. This key happens to be the only necessary information you need to pass in order to receive the money in your account.

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Therefore, by associating one of these pieces of information to an account, it cannot be used for another, for example: using your CPF as a pix key for bank X, your CPF can no longer be used as a pix key for bank Y.

The release of other information to create a key is precisely so that you don’t have to repeat the information, already registered in one bank, to generate a pix key in the other, so it is not possible to register the same pix key in different banks.

Can I have two or more different pix keys?

It is possible to have more than one different pix key, even two for the same account. There is no problem with that.

You can put your CPF as a key, and also register your email as a second key for the same account, the only limitation really is registering the same pix key in different banks, so much so that if you try to register a key in bank x that is already linked to a bank y, bank x will request the transfer, so that only it will be the bearer of the key in question.

What is the limit of pix keys?

This is a very recurring question when we talk about pix keys. As understood, the user can register multiple random keys as their pix key, but there is a limit, there are 5 keys per account for an individual and up to 20 keys for a legal entity.

How to query pix keys

There is a very agile method for customers of financial institutions to be able to verify/consult their pix keys registered with all financial entities that have an account. This method is linked to the Central Bank and is called Registrato, which can be very useful for controlling your tax and financial life.

How to query pix keys

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Just open the registration page in your browser, access and login; after that, click on consult in the “my keys pix” window, check the box I accept the terms of acknowledgment and responsibility, and generate the report. Ready, the report will be sent at the same time.


The Registrato can be defined as an extract of users’ records with financial institutions. It is managed by the Central Bank and allows citizens to access reports with information about their relationships with financial institutions.

Access to this system is completely free, and it allows you to consult information such as: loans in your name, which banks the user has an account with, registered pix keys, among other reports.

To register for registration you will need to open your bank application and click on the “Registrato” option. The path may vary from application to application, see some examples below:

  • – Banco do Brasil: in menu > services > register
  • – Bradesco: in register
  • – Caixa Econômica: in passwords and settings > registrato central bank
  • – Itaú: in services > register to central bank
  • – Santander: in Menu > santander on > my moment > BACEN Auto Accreditation Registrato
  • – Sicoob: in Services > registrato central bank
  • – Sicredi: in Sicredi X > registrato

It’s worth remembering that the pix modality is super safe as the personal information needed in transactions is protected by bank secrecy. We hope that your doubts regarding the registration of the same pix key in different banks have been clarified, keep accompanying us for more related content.

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