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Can I receive my salary in Bitcoin?

A new project is currently underway in the Chamber of Deputies that seeks to pay employees who have the right to opt for payment in cryptocurrencies. This proposal started last Friday (5)

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What is the project proposal?

The proposal seeks to regulate payment in cryptocurrencies for workers who wish to. The rule, if approved, could be used by workers in the private and public sector and there would be no rules on how the value was made. Thus, negotiation between employee and boss would increase.

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The project is one of the first on the subject and shows that there is already a portion of the population interested in cryptocurrencies. For experts in the field, the implementation of cryptocurrencies in workers’ salaries could benefit both employers and workers.

The PL is already in the Chamber and should undergo analysis in the coming days. In case of a possible approval, the law would be active within 90 days.

Who owns the project?

The project is authored by federal deputy Luizão Goulart (Republicans). To justify the creation of the project, Goulart argued that digital money is a form of evolution in the National Financial System, the SFN??

However, even with good intentions, the PL does not come in such a favorable scenario in Brazil. So far, it is more than certain by the Labor Court that all funds destined for workers’ wages must be paid only in the national currency. According to art. 463 of the CLT, any income that does not follow this rule will not be considered effective and the employer must suffer consequences.

Another adversity to the project would be the volatility of payment in cryptocurrency. This type of salary would have differences in its price, as it can change in value in just hours. This would jeopardize the worker’s purchasing power and also the amount allocated to the salary.

How will payment in Cryptocurrency move Brazil’s economy?

In case of approval, the project could put Brazil together with advanced countries in the issue of cryptocurrencies. Currently, El Salvador is one of the countries that have already placed the bitcoin cryptocurrency as the country’s currency. This milestone began in June of this year.

According to Goulart, cryptocurrencies are not monitored by a single person or entity. For this reason, this proposal seeks modernity and makes the employee have the option of remuneration using cryptocurrencies.

Now, what must be done is to wait for the official regulation of cryptocurrencies in Brazil and at another time to verify whether its introduction to workers’ wages will be feasible, even if it is implemented optionally.

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