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Can I pay my bill with a Nubank credit card?

Nubank has a menu full of options that give you the opportunity to pay your bill by credit card in an uncomplicated and quick way. You will need to confirm some information after payment to make sure it matches the information on the ticket and finally make the payment.

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In other words, to pay the bill with the Nubank credit card, simply access the application and go to the Pay section, select Pay Bill with Credit Card and enter the barcode or scan it in the application to read it. Carefully read the data that will appear on the screen and confirm with your four-digit password that will be required on the next screen.

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It will be possible to consult the paid slips through the statement that Nubank makes available in the application itself, just go to the Account and check the History with all the dates and amounts received by transfers TEDDOC or PIX, in addition to other payments made throughout the month.

Nubank gives customers the opportunity to request a monthly statement in three different file formats (pdf, csv and ofx), which will be sent directly to the e-mail address registered when opening an account. Select Request Statement and choose the month for which you are interested in knowing how much you spent on purchases and receipts.

Get to know the function created by nubank to pay bills by credit card

Fintech Nubank created a function that makes life easier for customers to pay slips through the application with their credit card. This function has been available in the app since July 2021.

Nubank slips can be paid in installments at the time of payment using the application available for Android and iOS, in addition to having lower interest rates, and being able to advance payment slip installments so that you can receive the appropriate discounts.

Finally, Nubank makes it easy for customers to resort to the payment system for bank slips, in addition to giving them the opportunity to consult all the activities carried out during a month.

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