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Can I deposit money at Nubank through an ATM?

Nubank, through NuConta, helped popularize the use of digital banks and made the financial transaction process simpler, faster and easier.

However, a doubt among new users of the application is about how to make deposits into the account and whether it is possible to make a deposit at Nubank through an ATM. Especially when considering that, unlike traditional banks, there are no physical branches for this.

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Is it possible to make a deposit into the Nubank account via an ATM?

To deposit money in your Nubank account, the customer has two options: by bank slip or transfer from another bank. It is not possible to make a deposit at Nubank through an ATM.

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In the billet option, the customer clicks on the deposit option in the menu and then deposits by billet. When generating the slip, the customer chooses the value of this slip and then a code will be issued. You can copy the code or send the invoice by email. After generating the slip, just make the payment within 3 business days and the amount will appear on the Nuconta??

The transfer option is made from another bank, that is, the customer will make a transfer via Ted or Doc from outside Nubank. During the transfer, just fill in your data, such as the bank, agency and account number, which are available on the application’s home page.

What other means of depositing money in the Nubank account?

As it is not possible to make a deposit at Nubank by ATM, for those who have cash, another possibility to make a deposit into the account is to go directly to a lottery. In this case, the customer generates the bank slip through the application and passes the barcode at the establishment.

Another option is to go to another bank’s agency to deposit the account and after the money drops, transfer the balance to Nuconta by Pix. Despite not allowing the deposit, it is possible to withdraw money with the Nubank card at ATMs by paying a fee.

What can a deposit in your Nubank account be used for?

When making a deposit in the Nubank account, it is possible to make several financial movements. Within the application, the user can recharge the cell phone in a matter of minutes and the amount is charged directly from Nuconta.

In addition, the account that receives the deposit has a balance and can use the card in the debit function in commercial establishments such as supermarkets, pharmacies and various stores. Another advantage is the possibility of paying bills, just enter the barcode of the payment slip to be made, with enough balance in the account, the application makes the payment and the amount is deducted automatically.

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