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Can I change the name on the Birth Certificate?

Changing the name on the Birth Certificate can be important for some people who are dissatisfied with their records, therefore, the search for the change has shown a significant increase in recent years.

But what used to be complicated is not anymore. For those interested, it is now possible to change the name on the Birth Certificate without much bureaucracy. Check out how this can be done, in the content below.

What this article covers:

How does it work to change the name on the Birth Certificate in Brazil?

Today in Brazil, everyone can change the name on the Birth Certificate, just a simple request and analysis of the notary at a Civil Registry Office. To carry out this change before, a court decision was required.

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What makes the procedure easier is also a form of inclusion for people undergoing gender reassignment.

Who can change the name and how many times?

You can change the name on the birth certificate for those who present justification for embarrassing names and also in cases of inclusion or exclusion of first and last name in marriages.

Also, the new law also makes it possible to add the name and surname of the stepmother/stepfather without legal proceedings, but in this case, agreement between all parties involved is required, including the parents, stepmother/stepfather and stepson.

Those who have lawsuits in their name, conflicts in court or have already been arrested, the name change on the birth certificate can even be done, but the old name must appear on the new documents. This is a measure to prevent possible fraud and that an outlaw does not benefit from the change, after all, both his old name and the new one will remain in the records.

How to change the name on the Birth Certificate, it also modifies your personal documents, this can only be done in a single time, so if you are interested in changing it, only do it if you are sure of your choice, the name change too can only be made for people over 18 years old.

How much does it cost to change the name?

The cost to change the name on the birth certificate varies according to the region, for example in São Paulo this type of procedure costs around R$ 129.20. So, the right thing is to look for the Civil Registry Office in your region to consult the values.

Rule for changing the name at the end of the marriage

For those who want to change their name due to marriage, the law allows either spouse to make the change, including the last name of the other, in Brazil, it is more common for the woman to change it, but both parties can do it .

Rule for changing the name at the end of the marriage

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In this case, it is not possible to delete any surname that the spouse already has, only to add a new one. But, for justifications of very long names or even the non-compatibility of the others, exclusion can be requested.

Do I need a lawyer to apply for a name change?

Before it was necessary, today it is no longer necessary and even those over 18 years old can do it according to the new update of Art. 56: The interested party, in the first year after reaching the age of majority, may, personally or through an attorney, change the name, as long as it does not harm the family surnames, the change being recorded and published by the press. If he deems it necessary, he can request help from a lawyer, on the contrary, he can make the request on his own.

As we have seen, it is now easier to change the name on the birth certificate, which was previously necessary a lawsuittoday a simple request with justification can solve it, but remember, Justice only allows one change, so find out about it before making your decision.

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