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Can I change the fantasy name of MEI? Find out how right now!

The MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur) is used by many entrepreneurs at the beginning of their business. It allows the person to formalize their small business and get some perks in return.

Microentrepreneurs often confuse the company name with the fancy name of the MEI. And this raises the big question “can I change the fantasy name of MEI?”.

Here you will find all the information you need to answer these questions and find out how to change your MEI name.

What this article covers:

How can I change the name of the MEI?

Before going into this subject, learn how to distinguish a trade name from a business name.

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The corporate name is composed of your name and CPF. The costume is created by you to identify your brand. That is, it can be modified and there are some steps to carry out this exchange:

  • First, access the Entrepreneur Portal and choose the “change” option and fill out the form;
  • After completing all the steps, you will be able to print the new condition certificate of the individual microentrepreneur;
  • Go to the IRS website to print the CNPJ in the current state;
  • After completing the trade name change, it is essential to request changes with the help of the Department of Collection and Tributes (DAT) or the Treasury Department, in order to change the taxpayer registration.

Although you need to follow these steps, there is not much bureaucracy involved. Just follow what was said and you will have already solved the problem.

What is the fancy name MEI for?

It serves to identify your brand. Your customers remember that name when referring to your company and products.

What is a fancy name?

You know those strong brands that have a flashy logo with an easy-to-pronounce name, that’s a fantasy name. Name created to represent your company.

When choosing this name, some factors should be considered such as: what branch of your company, check if there are others similar or equal, represent the trajectory of your brand and be as simple to say as to memorize.

It might be difficult at first, so write down all your ideas and select the name that most connected with the brand.

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