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Can I cancel my car insurance if the price of the policy has risen without notifying me?

The insurer of one of our readers has increased the price of his car insurance by 42 euros without prior notice, what can he do about it?

On February 3, my insurance company gave my bank the annual receipt for my car policy, but they had raised my insurance 42 euros without any prior notice… when in other years I have received the corresponding letter of notice from the same company. Anyway, I’m tired and I’m thinking of quitting: Can I do it if they did not inform me of the increase in the policy? C. Zuazo (Segovia)

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Response from the legal department of CEA:

The insurance is a contract and, as such, one of the parties cannot unilaterally vary its terms. Thats why he Article 22 of the Insurance Contract Law It textually indicates that, “the insurer must notify the policyholder, at least two months before the end of the current period, of any modification of the insurance contract”; that is, if they do not renew you as a client or, above all, if they modify the price or coverage of the policy.

As in your case the insurer has not communicated the increase in a timely manner, you are within your right to demand the maintenance of the previous price… or request the cancellation of the contract (that you be unsubscribed from the insurance) due to a change in an essential condition such as the price of the service; It must be done in writing as soon as the bank receipt with the unannounced increase arrives.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Do not return the insurance receipt without further ado (and without notifying your withdrawal) since, in the worst case, and if you do not pay the receipt during the following six months, the insurer could claim the amount in court.

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