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Can civil servants retired by the INSS continue to work?

The INSS is one of the greatest benefits that a Brazilian can currently enjoy, especially a public servant. An amount is deducted every month from the employee’s salary, to acquire the INSS in the future. But often this amount is not enough to pay the household bills and the retiree ends up opting for another service to meet their needs.

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When does the person retire and continue working?

This usually happens when the benefit amount is not enough to pay household expenses. When this happens, the individual is forced to seek support from other services that can help.

But there is a very important issue that describes this event, because when you get the retirement benefit, the employment relationship is excluded, which prevents the person from being able to be placed in a job with a formal contract.

When a civil servant retires does he have to quit his job?

After the Social Security Reform, this issue came to be decreed as true and makes the civil servant obliged to stop working, as his bond is terminated after acquiring the benefit. This issue came into force after November 13, 2019, when the reform was fixed in Brazil.

With this rule, if it is detected that the employee continues to work even after acquiring the retirement benefit, the individual will be obliged to return all the amount that was received after entering the INSS?? In these situations, it is good for the public servant to leave his position to avoid further legal problems.

This new decision affects a large part of the Brazilian population, since the majority of the amount received for the benefit is not enough to pay household expenses, and most just continue working out of simple necessity, since the longer the time passes in our country, the more expensive things are. Being many people forced not to live quietly after a long time exercising their work and contributing to society.

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