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Can a MEI hire another MEI?

A question that exists is whether an MEI can hire another MEI to provide services in their company. The creation of the Individual Microentrepreneur business modality made life easier for many people. First, self-employed service providers were finally able to be regularized and were finally able to issue an invoice.

Afterwards, they receive the right to hire a single employee, who can receive the rights working with a formal contract. In addition, the micro-entrepreneur has the right to provide services to other companies and also to public authorities.

Therefore, read this text until the end to find out if this form of contract is correct.

What this article covers:

Can a MEI hire another MEI?

A MEI can hire another micro-entrepreneur, especially if the contractor is a service provider and has no employment relationship with the contracting entrepreneur. In other words, it cannot define working hours, setting goals and also supervision of any kind.

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That is, he cannot have the same conditions as an employee with a formal contract.

How can MEI provide services to other companies?

The MEI cannot have an employment relationship with a specific company. But, he can provide services to one or several simultaneously, as long as he has a signed contract, explaining that it is a provision of service and the issuance of an invoice for the services rendered.

Is there any rule about?

A micro-entrepreneur cannot have an employment relationship with another micro-entrepreneur, under penalty of being framed for the crime of fraud. If there is a flagrante delicto, the contractor will have to pay all labor rights during the time worked, such as vacations, FGTS13th salary and among other required charges.

The way to show that there was no employment relationship in the relationship between Microentrepreneurs is through the issuance of an invoice, so as not to have problems with the Federal Revenue, much less with the Labor Court. In addition, regulatory bodies such as the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT) receive complaints about irregularities in this contract at all times.

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