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Campus Nynäshamn develops business | Today’s technology

The authority for the university of applied sciences (MYH) announced today that Campus Nynäshamn is given renewed responsibility to run the university of applied sciences programs for Solar Energy Technicians and Brewery Technicians.

“Over the past few years, we have worked on developing our unique educations, which can now seriously affect both the solar energy and brewing industries. We have worked hard for this, and today we celebrate together with a large number of companies throughout the country. Competence supply is the single most important puzzle piece of the future,” says Lasse Sahlin, development manager at Campus Nynäshamn.

Campus Nynäshamn is today Stockholm County’s only learning center that offers education for adults in three school forms; university, university of applied sciences and adult education. Since 2020, the business has increased from approx. 600 to roughly 1,200 students.

With today’s approval from the Authority for Polytechnics, Campus Nynäshamn can now offer 7 different options within the polytechnic: Automation Technician, Treatment Educator, Brewery Technician, Sustainable Production and Quality Work in the Brewery Industry, Marine Technician, Solar Energy Technician and Gardener.

Campus Nynäshamn is an engine, broker and meeting place for companies and students with the goal of creating skills growth and innovation through meetings between education and working life. A meeting place that provides the opportunity for skills-hungry people from all over the country to realize their educational dreams. Campus Nynäshamn offers both on-site and distance-based arrangements.

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