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Camilo premieres a documentary where he tells everything about his intimacy. With Evaluna?

Camilo He achieved international fame in the last three years by singing his songs, he even released his first two albums For the first time and My hands, however, the pandemic prevented him from presenting them live.

After the pandemic, It was the first time that the Colombian stepped on a stage despite having two albums and several hits on the radio and streaming..

In an interview, the singer pointed out that it was exciting for him to experience something that other performers missed. All these emotions are reflected in Camilo: The first tour of my life, which premiered on HBO Max.

“Unlike many artists who missed something they had experienced and could not experience more, in my case it was the amazement of someone who experiences something for the first time. I made my two albums without being able to leave. My whole world was writing those songs and sharing them. When I had the opportunity to go out and look at the faces of those people who took those songs as their own, I said: ‘wow!… I’m missing the most beautiful part of making music, which is sharing it with real human beings. !’. It was a beautiful process, especially because there were two albums, many songs and accumulated feelings waiting to be shared.”


This first tour had a certain parallelism with the personal history of the now husband of Eva Luna, “I started my relationship with Eva Luna at a distance, so we really wanted to see each other. I assume that my relationship with La Tribu (as they call their audience) was a bit like that.“.

“Both processes are the same story told by different directors in the same film. Everything that happened to me in my personal life was happening to me in my creative world, the artisan world. It’s not by chance”


Camilo and Eva Luna share many of their processes with their audience and although they had cameras following them for a long time to achieve the documentary, they didn’t care. And it is that the interpreter of “Tutu” stressed that he did not see this as an interference, but as a way to continue sharing with his audience.

“I think the documentary is one level deeper than what deserves to be shared. If you are at home and at three in the morning someone comes in and watches you sleep, that would be weird and scary. But when someone arrives at your house and you are waiting for them and you prepared something, and you have something you want to tell them, it is no longer an abuse of privacy, it becomes a scheduled visit, we do not see this as an intrusion, they are visits from our Tribe sacred to us”

And it is that Camilo: the first tour of my life is for the artist the other side of his coin called music.

“The documentary is full of all those things that do not fit in concerts, of those things that do not fit in the Instagram photo that you upload afterwards, and that is that other share of humanity, the other side of the coin that is art. . It is the story of someone who is living in his own flesh the biggest and apparently impossible dream of his life, with all that it entails beyond getting on stage and singing his songs. Everything else, which is what makes this a moving, honest, real story, is the raw material of this documentary”

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