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Camilo and Evaluna Montaner would have serious relationship problems, says Mau Montaner

The alarms have gone off in the house of Camilo Y Evaluna Montanerone of the most mediatic couples of the moment.

And it is that, according to various reports in the Hispanic press, it has been revealed that the famous couple would be experiencing difficult moments.

In recent days it became known that the love between the singers would not be going through its best moment, Well, a person close to the family revealed that some decisions have allegedly led the marriage to constant discussions.

This arose after very recently, Mau brother of Evaluna and his wife Sara revealed live a defect that the happy couple of Camilo and the youngest of the Montaners have.

Undoubtedly, not all couples have customs or habits that are pleasant to the rest, as is the case with famous singers.

It seems that Camilo and Evaluna would not discard certain utensils that they should already throw away., so they keep them, even though they are no longer useful and end up hoarding them at home. No details were provided on what items they kept.

The singer mentioned that his brother-in-law and sister keep things that they no longer need, but that they refuse to throw away for multiple reasons. Although he did not give more details about it, his wife, Sara Escobar, agreed with him and confirmed this couple’s secret on camera.

One of the topics that has also been discussed in recent weeks would be the revelation of the face of Indigo, the first daughter of Evaluna and Camilo.

The singers decided to keep the identity of the little girl out of the media spectrumso they avoid at all costs that their face is fully identifiable in photographs and videos.

However, last November the paparazzi managed to register some facial samples of the little girl, while Camilo was moving through one of the corridors of the Miami International Airport.

The images quickly went viral on digital platforms and several users questioned the violation of the baby’s privacy, because it is her parents who decide when and how to show the little girl to the audience. Others stated that it is a consequence for being persons of public interest.

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