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Camilla Läckberg on body complexes – Metro Mode

Camilla Läckberg has received a very positive response from followers after she came out and talked about her body complexes. In a post, she revealed why husband Simon never posts any pictures of her on social media: “My shameful confession is that I asked him not to post pictures of me.”

Photo: Instagram @lackberg

In two posts on Instagram, the best-selling crime writer has opened up about body and weight complexes. In a post where she posts pictures of herself, she talks about her weight journey and how difficult it has been for her to accept her body.

Was heavily influenced by the ideals of the 80s

In the post, she says that the reason why she is never seen on her husband Simon’s Instagram is that she asked him not to post pictures of her. She also talks about how food has always been an escape and a comfort when she hasn’t been feeling well, but that the years as a teenager in the 80s left a strong impression on her when it comes to body ideals, with a lot of focus on diets and dieting. “I suffer from my extra kilos. I don’t want to be seen in a picture with them,” she states.

“It feels difficult and omitting to write this, but we will not progress if we do not actively address the skewed ideal we women are supposed to live up to, and to which I myself am to a great extent an involuntary slave,” writes Camilla in the post. She also points out that, even though she has all the prerequisites, she finds it difficult to get into good habits. Something she hopes can be a comfort to her followers in case they struggle with the same thing.

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