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Camila Sodi confesses that she has an excellent relationship with her ex-husband Diego Luna

Nine years after being divorced, actors Camila Sodi and Diego Luna continue to live together for several weeks a year as part of their commitment to raise their two children who procreated.

Although their love as a couple ended and they chose to take different paths since 2013, the 36-year-old actress confessed on the “Señoras Punk” podcast that they are always aware of their offspring Fiona and Jerónimo.

“When he works I don’t work and when I work he doesn’t work…”, he pointed.

Camila maintained that After overcoming how complicated her divorce was, both she and the father of her children dedicated themselves to promoting their careers, because he recognizes that they were very young when they decided to unite their lives. However, they are organized with their respective work schedules to be aware of the physical and emotional development of their offspring.

“When we are together, the truth is that we do very well, we have made a super good team. I think the secret is that… ”, she expressed.

The niece of the singer Thalía maintained that she is inspired by the model of life that Katy Perry leads with the actor Orlando Bloom, being the parents of a son and combining their family obligations with their respective careers in the world of entertainment.

“There are moments where you don’t like each other so well, but it’s not something like ‘I’m divorced and that’s it, now we hate each other forever,’” he said.

The complexity of having a 12-year-old daughter and a 14-year-old son, both for Camila and Diego, lies in the fact that they are no longer so controllable as to be on a recording set for days, so their best formula is to keep them away from work and spend quality time with them.

The truth is that Luna has a more complex work schedule than Camila, because while she has focused her career on the Mexican market, the 42-year-old actor opened the door to Hollywood not only as an actor but also as a film director, so he constantly stays in America.

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