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Cameo, the website that allows you to create personalized videos of your favorite artists • ENTER.CO

Surfing the internet I found a page that promises to send you personalized greetings from celebrities, of course I went to see what it was about. Cameo is the name of the website that hosts hundreds of celebrities who will send greetings to you or someone you want to surprise with personalized videos.

You will find people like Elaine Hendrix (twin set), Akon (singer) or Roberto Carlos (soccer player). But, nothing in life is free and neither are these greetings; of course if you want a greeting from your favorite artist or star you will have to pay for it. Making a short tour of the celebrities who send greetings from Cameo, I found prices from $22,000 Colombian pesos to $10 million pesos.

Yes, there are prices for all possibilities and celebrities for all tastes, it’s a matter of taking a look to find the celebrity from whom you want to greet. The process is simple; Once you have selected the celebrity you will pay for a video, you enter their “section” by ‘Clicking’ on their photo. There will be a short section where you will see some personalized videos made by the famous, the prices and some other recommended artists.

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When entering “buy” the page redirects you to a form where yes or yes you must register on the page, whether you fill out the form manually or enter with Facebook. Once you finish filling out this form, it will request the data for the payment of the personalized videos and the information that you want the artist to say in it. That is, to whom the greeting is directed and/or if it is a special greeting for someone.

The page also has the option to pay for business videos. For example, if a company needs a video of Tom Felton (Harry Potter) where he invites users to discover a specific web page, they will be able to do so. Clearly, this type of content will cost more because it is advertising; likewise, not all artists accept advertising offers.


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