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Caixa Elo credit card: how it works

The Caixa Elo credit card is an option full of advantages and benefits for its customers, developed by Caixa. Knowing how to choose your credit card is very important, as it must be worthwhile for you, and have benefits and functions that are in accordance with your reality.

What this article covers:

What is the Caixa Elo Credit Card?

The Caixa Elo credit card is a Caixa card that, in addition to enabling its customers to make national and international purchases, also offers many benefits and advantages, such as the Caixa Points Program, where customers, with each purchase they make, accumulate spots.

How does the Caixa Elo credit card work?

With the Caixa Elo credit card, you get many benefits and advantages in your purchases, for example, the fact that you earn points for every purchase you make.

In Caixa’s Points Program, you are rewarded for your domestic and international purchases, and these points are credited to your account whenever you pay your invoice. Redeeming these points you can spend them on LATAM Person programsTudo Azul, Dotz and TAP Miles&Go.

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You also have the advantage of being able to pay your purchases in installments without interest and without having to make a down payment, being able to pay in installments for airline tickets, tourist attractions, both inside and outside Brazil, as long as the amount is in Reais.

Those who have a salary account at Caixa are also entitled to the Caixa Elo credit card, which allows them to gain many advantages. In addition, you can access your invoice directly through the Caixa app, on your smartphone.

Another very cool point of the Caixa Elo credit card is that you can make your purchases, both in Brazil and abroad, with your invoice due only 40 days later. Not to mention the possibility of having additional cards.

What is the Elo credit card limit?

The limit established by Caixa for your Caixa Elo credit card will be in accordance with the credit analysis carried out, where the minimum is R$1,000.00.

This analysis is important so that Caixa can know the person’s financial income, and provide a credit limit according to what the person can afford.

What is the initial limit?

As we have already seen, the minimum limit that the Caixa Elo credit card can have is R$1,000.00, and depending on your monthly income, it can reach much higher limits.

How do I apply for a Caixa credit card?

Applying for your Caixa Elo credit card is very simple! Before, it is worth remembering that the person must be at least 18 years old, over 16 years old emancipated or assisted by parents, in addition to having their own income. Have your documents in hand: identity, CPF, proof of income and residence.

First decide which channel you want to apply for your Caixa Elo credit card through, whether it is through a Caixa agency, or through the Caixa Aqui Negotial correspondent, where the card request would be made by a correspondent close to you.

How to apply for a Caixa credit card

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Then you must fill out the entire form requested to join the card, and if requested, present your documents.

If the request is approved, just wait for the Caixa Elo credit card to arrive and enjoy the advantages of your new card.

If you still have questions, call the call center at: 0800-104-0104.

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