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Caixa credit card: is it worth it?

Do you know the Caixa credit card? Being one of the most popular banks in the country, Caixa offers a good variety of services to its customers, one of these services is the Caixa credit card, a variety of cards with the proposal to serve all types of people.

But how does the Caixa credit card work? What is your limit and how to request it? Let’s now find out the answers to these questions and find out what these cards can offer you the best. Come on!

What this article covers:

What is the Caixa credit card?

With the Caixa credit card, you will have access to a type of loan for shopping, and you will pay in installments on a certain day of the month. Caixa offers more than 10 different cards such as Sim Card, Gold, Infinite, Black and etc.

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Cards have specific benefits, as well as different requirements for ordering. It is recommended that the customer analyze each card, and find out which one will be most useful. Caixa has a card simulator that helps customers identify which card they are going to try to apply for.

What is the Caixa credit card limit?

The credit card limit may vary according to the credit analysis, with the minimum amount being R$800. Each card has different maximum limits. The Sim card, the simplest of the cash credit cards, has a lower maximum limit than the Black Card, for example.

After a certain period of time, Caixa can increase or decrease the card limit, depending on the purchase profile of the customer in question.

How do I order a Caixa card?

To apply for a Caixa credit card, simply go to one of the Caixa branches with all the required documents, which are: identification document, CPF, updated proof of income and residence. Both the original documents and copies of each must be taken.

After applying for the card, an assessment will be made, and based on the customer’s credit risk assessment, the card will be approved or not.

How long does it take to clear the credit card cash limit?

How the Caixa credit card works is similar to the way other banks work and it is no different in that, as Caixa offers up to 3 business days to release the limit of the card.

How long does it take to clear your credit card limit?

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This depends on the time and place that the customer pays the invoice. If payment is made through any of Caixa’s channels, such as the App, Caixa branches or lottery outlets, the limit will be released faster.

Cash card worth it?

The answer is yes. By bringing a good variety of cards, the box manages to satisfy all types of customers. The Caixa credit card annual fee is one of the lowest in the market, in addition to offering the Sim Card, which has no annual fee.

In addition, the Caixa credit card offers other benefits, such as the points program, where the customer accumulates points with each purchase, and when reaching a certain score, they can be exchanged for a specific award.

Caixa also makes it easy to make payments, and has very affordable interest rates. With all these benefits, we can conclude that depending on what you are looking for, the Caixa credit card may be worth it.

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