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Cadúnico facilitates the access of groups to social programs

By registering with CadÚnico, it is possible to facilitate access to various social benefit programs. Keep reading to understand all the benefits and ways to get the benefit.

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What this article covers:

What social programs does CadÚnico give access to?

Among the many and enormous advantages that have been delivered by CadÚnico, the possibility of entering and joining various social programs stands out, among which are the following:

  • Bolsa Família, the best known certainly;
  • Emergency Aid;
  • Each green and yellow (referring to: My house, My life);
  • BPC/LOAS (which brings Benefit of continued provision);
  • Water for all;
  • retirement for people with low income;
  • Elderly Card;
  • Affectionate Brazil Program;
  • Popular Phone;
  • Tanks program;
  • Electricity and social tariff;
  • Social Charter;
  • Free pass for disabled people;
  • Electricity social tariff;
  • Annulment of fees in public tenders;
  • Drought Scholarship;
  • Youth ID;
  • National program of agrarian reform;
  • Promotion of activities in the rural area.

The most important benefits offered were listed here, for more information just access the CadÚnico website.

How to enroll in CadÚnico?

In order to enroll in CadÚnico, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points: if you have not yet been registered, you will need to attend the respective CRAS unit, going to a unit of this body and having the necessary documents in hand. Among these documents are: the CPF, the General Registry (respectively the RG), proof of residence, your voter registration, birth and marriage certificate (the latter only for married people), and RANI in the case of indigenous people.

For those who already have the data and just need an update, it will be simple, just access the official CADÚNICO application, which is accessible via play store on android phones and in the case of IOS, just access the ”Apple Store” to download.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the update via the application, it is also possible to call the CRAS to answer your questions or make your requests, although the application has an automated system that will make delays smaller, that is, it will tend to be more agile than through phone calls.

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