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Cabinets for small bathrooms – Photos, tips

Cabinets for small bathrooms – Photos, tips they are especially for those who find it impossible to keep such a piece in such a small space, without losing practicality. Today, bathroom cabinets are developed and thought precisely to serve the residents of a house who share a small space and, therefore, need practicality and organization in their daily lives. To help them, we’ve separated some cabinet tips for small bathrooms that solve the issue and still leave the space with a lot of style and charm.

Cabinets for small bathrooms – Photos, tips. (Image: Disclosure).

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Cabinets for small bathrooms – Photos, tips. Check out!

Before thinking about the model you like best, you need to assess which types of bathroom cabinets would best meet your needs. Think that the Cabinets for small bathrooms – Photos, tips should be practical and serve, mainly, to keep the organization. After all, the pieces have the function, not only of decoration, but of storing hygiene products, such as toilet paper, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, creams, makeup, cleaning utensils and towels. Therefore, plan well how many drawers and shelves are needed to store your pieces. By the way, drawers and shelves are alternatives for a more affordable bathroom cabinet. As well as niches built into the closet are also another option.

Once you’ve assessed your needs, it’s time to think about furniture size and decor. For this, before leaving for a store, take the measurements of the space to make sure that the chosen piece will fit in the place. This measure is important to avoid the headache of having to change the furniture after the purchase.

practical bathroom cabinets

When space is small, it is worth investing in planned furniture to make the most of it. (Image: Disclosure).

The first indication for Cabinets for small bathrooms – Photos, tips is for women who wear makeup on a daily basis. Think that countertops are necessary to keep objects always at hand. But it’s important not to expose makeup on the countertop, as it can spoil and also disorganize the space.

If the bathroom is used by more than one person, have you considered the possibility of setting up two sinks and two cupboards? Thus, each one has its own space in the same bathroom. This is a measure that is also suitable for busy lives, since it is not necessary to wait for the other person to use the sink, for example, to start getting ready.

Style and decor of bathroom cabinets

What is the style of the bathroom? Choose a cabinet that brings harmony to the environment. (Image: Disclosure).

It is important to define the style of your bathroom before choosing furniture. Think about whether you would like to maintain a rustic or classic line. The cabinet or closet should follow the pattern of the rest of the space. Marble, for example, makes the bathroom more stylish. The white color, in addition to enlarging the space, leaves no mistakes in the decor.

Large drawers and hanging cabinets are practical options for saving space, keeping organized and practical when cleaning. Another tip is to put castors on the feet of the cabinet to be able to remove it from the place.

Mirrors can be the solution to expand the bathroom space. They can even be used to cover the front of bathroom cabinets. Sliding doors on small bathroom cabinets are ideal for saving space.

Another tip is custom-made or planned cabinets, indicated for those who cannot find the ideal piece in a store. A specialized shop or a carpenter can make exclusive and personalized furniture for your bathroom. In addition, planned bathrooms optimize space.

Invest in a pleasant environment!

There are several options to take advantage of cabinets for small bathrooms. (Image: Disclosure).

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, where we spend some moments of relaxation, during the shower, after a tiring day of work, and it is also the right place to satisfy our physiological needs. For these reasons, it should not be forgotten when renovating the home’s decor, and even if the space is small, you can make it look beautiful.

In terms of decoration for small bathrooms, an item that cannot be missing is the cabinet, an accessory that can have several uses in the room, such as storing personal hygiene materials (toothpaste, toothbrushes and hairbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, soaps , etc) and towels, in addition to having a mirror that can act as a kind of door for the closet.

Currently, the trend is for apartments to become smaller and smaller, with measures around 70 m² in area at most, especially in large cities, so that there is more space for the construction of residences. With this, the dimensions of the bathrooms are following the measurements of the constructions, that is, becoming even smaller.

Planned cabinets is an excellent choice!

It is possible to create super cozy environments even in small spaces. (Image: Disclosure).

So, to keep them cozy and pleasant for users, many decorators and architects have chosen to choose closets designed and adapted for these small rooms, making the most of every corner of the bathroom, using some other items to give a sophisticated touch to the place, such as mirrors, to convey a sense of spaciousness, inserts and sinks built into the counter, to complement the decor.

If you have a small bathroom and want to keep it organized with the cabinets, follow some of our tips and use your creativity to make the most of this special space in your home.

More ideas for small bathroom cabinets

– The bathroom cabinets with wheels are a great option, as they can be moved at any time, without having to break anything in the room, in addition to facilitating the cleaning of the bathroom, as they can be removed from the place to remove the dirt. For those who live on rent, it’s perfect, as you don’t need the owner’s authorization to put them on and you can remove them when you change residence.

– Use the highest spaces in the bathroom to place small shelves, which will be very useful for storing accessories and materials for specific use in the bathroom. Be careful when drilling into the wall.

– Combine the cabinets with other colors used in the bathroom, so that the decoration is perfect.

– A set that contains a built-in closet and washbasin is a great option for small bathrooms, as it saves space, leaving a larger area for the comfort of users.


Check out some pictures of small bathroom cabinets that you can use as an example to decorate and organize your space.

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