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Cold? Heat with PRIO gas. Buy propane gas online, with fast deliveries and without paying shipping costs.

If you use gas, butane or propane bottles, you know what it’s like to be without this type of heating on a rushed morning, at that time when you need to cook the most or on a cold winter night. Plan your consumption and place your orders PRIO gas with the advantage of buying online and receiving without complications.

Shop without having to leave the comfort of your home, with fast delivery, and get free safe Multi-Protection House and Assetswhen purchasing the first bottle of PRIO gas.

PRIO bottled gas: more economical and efficient

4 reasons to choose PRIO gas

PRIO gas cylinders are lighter, more economical and more efficient because they use propane gas, a type of gas that vaporizes better. In addition to these advantages, they are even simpler to buy and receive.

Find out why PRIO gas is a good choice for you and your family.

One of the disadvantages most commonly associated with the domestic consumption of bottled gas is the inconvenience of having to leave the house to make your purchase – sometimes even having to carry the bottles up the stairs.

Although PRIO gas cylinders are lighter and more ergonomic, there is nothing that compares to the comfort of being able to buy them without having to leave the comfort of your home and receive them quickly.

The process is simple. Go to the PRIO website and just a few clicks to confirm your order.

  1. Choose the bottle and indicate if you have any to exchange (you can exchange any bottle and PRIO offers the reducer on the first purchase).
  2. Register on the website.
  3. Select the day and period you want for delivery.
  4. Pay safely, through mbway, multibanco or visa/mastercard.
  5. Receive the order at home

PRIO gas bottles: two sizes

9kg bottle: ideal for moderate consumption.
45kg bottle: the choice for large consumptions.

Home and Goods Multi-Protection Insurance Offer

Buying without leaving home and not spending a single euro on door-to-door delivery? Yes, you read that right. Until March 14th from 2023 at PRIO does not pay shipping costs for its bottled gas.

In addition to being able to order online, in an uncomplicated way, receive it at home quickly and pay competitive prices, you also have the advantage of not paying anything for the delivery of your bottles during the campaign period.


Can safely store

If you run out of gas and you don’t have any extra bottles at home, know that you can store your PRIO bottled gas safely.

the bottles of PRIO propane gas can be stored in your home, either indoors or outdoors. From January to January, rain or shine, they are prepared to withstand any type of weather condition.

That said, it’s a good idea to always have an extra bottle of gas to spare. Remember this tip when placing your orders and make sure you are always comfortable.


Propane gas is the best choice

Propane gas is used in cooking on stoves and ovens, for space heaters and water heaters. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about butane gas, so popular in the past. But, the truth is that there are really relevant advantages in using propane gas at home.

Propane gas vaporizes better which means it will consume the entirety of a gas bottle, even during the winter. And if there is no waste, there is economy.

Even those who are used to using butane gas can now buy PRIO propane gas bottles to use in their domestic appliances. In the vast majority of cases, it will not be necessary to make any adjustments, since most of the equipment is prepared to operate with both types of gas, butane and propane. Anyway, it’s a good idea to check the characteristics of the equipment you have at home.

Just bear in mind that equipment prepared for natural gas is not compatible with bottled gas.

Buy your PRIO propane gas bottles without leaving your home

All the benefits of a safe and comfortable online purchase, with the advantages associated with the PRIO brand:
– bottle + lightweight;
– bottle + ergonomic;
– bottle + economical;
– gas + efficient.

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