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Burn bay leaves to earn money: how to do this ritual at home and in business

One of the most popular rituals to attract more clients to a business, to be successful in the career and so that money is never needed at home is burn bay leaves in the home or work space.

Laurel is one of the herbs with the most magical properties. Its energy has the vibrational frequency of victory, success, status and protection, that is why this plant is very popular in rituals for money.

For this procedure you will need bay leaves, preferably slightly dry, and a heat-resistant container, such as a crock pot. You will also occupy sugar.

Remember that you will be working with fire, so you must take precautions to avoid accidents, such as doing it in a place where there are no other materials that could burn, as well as preventing children from approaching while you practice the recipe.

How to do the laurel burning ritual?

Add 3 tablespoons of sugar to the container of your choice. Choose the best bay leaves to burn; try to make them odd or according to the number of rooms you have at home. If it’s a business, burn one sheet in the bathroom and another in your work space.

Go to the first room representing one of the bay leaves, for example, the room. Take one of the leaves with your index finger and thumb, light a match and proceed to burn it trying toand the ashes fall into the sugar. If you prefer, place the herb in the container and burn directly over the sweetener. Do this process for each of the sheets and in different rooms.

When you finish with all the leaves mix the ashes with a spoon. At this time you have to say a prayer, according to a Mystic Tarot video published on YouTube, it can be the following: “I purify my house, my business and my ways. In the name of God the Father, God the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, amen.” Then pray 3 Our Fathers and 3 Hail Marys.

The remains should be scattered outside the front door of your home or business, this step symbolizes removing all the negativity to welcome abundance.

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