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Burgundy color in decoration: tips, ideas

The year 2013 has arrived with darker colors as fashion trends, both in terms of clothing and decoration. In this context, an element that has been on the minds of landscapers and decorators on duty is the burgundy color, a kind of wine derived from the Burgundy region mixed with other shades. Therefore, for those of you who want to stay in the know, learn more about how to use burgundy color in decorationšŸ‡§šŸ‡·

See below how to insert this magnificent color into your environment (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Burgundy color tips for decorating

to start a burgundy color decor the first golden tip is to bet on painting one or more walls and include very well-crafted golden frames. Burgundy is a warm color and, together with these elements, it provides much more richness and sophistication to an environment. The big advantage of use the burgundy color in the decorationis that with it it is possible to create both a Victorian and antique style, as well as a retro from the 60s or even a futuristic and modern decoration, if it is combined with silver and other metallic objects.

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With the Burgundy hue you can create environments that are more oriented to the old world as well as modern and lively ones (Photo: Disclosure)

Burgundy object ideas

You burgundy color objects they are diverse and can be increased on site if you have decided or not to paint your wall this color. Candles, curtains, cushions, vases of artificial flowers, lamps, vases and paintings on canvas with details in this tone will make all the difference and give your home a more cheerful and refined look.

Bet on your creativity to insert elements of this color into your environment, in order to make it more sophisticated (Photo: Disclosure)

Another valid tip for those who love art is to bet on old paintings, which without realizing it, take the burgundy tone rather than a very bright red, as that hue was and still is more elegant and was widely used by painters in past centuries. Elements are not lacking for you to start decorate the house in burgundy colortherefore, hurry to the nearest decorative artifacts store and don’t waste any more time!

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