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Bunk Bed with Built-in Desk

As the spaces in houses and apartments are getting smaller and smaller, you need to have a lot of flexibility to be able to place all the furniture inside the rooms. Therefore, a synonym of practicality, versatility and creativity is the bunk bed with built-in desk🇧🇷 In addition to saving a lot of space, it is beautiful and has many creative designs. Your kids will love it.

What this article covers:

Modulo Office has a very youthful model with plenty of space for kids to organize their objects. It has 9 shelves, retractable keyboard tray, space for CPU, printer and CD holder. Furthermore, children can bring a friend to sleep with them, as the furniture also has an auxiliary bed. The structure is made of MDP and the painting is Ecobril. The piece of furniture is available in 4 colors: white, blue, pink and lilac.

the bunk by Da Favorita is made of wood and is very futuristic, made for boys. Its structure is made of dark reforested wood and its beds are staggered so that the desk fits under the upper bed and in front of the lower one. The ladder and the guardrail are made of aluminium.

At Serra Estilo you can find an “L” shaped bunk bed made of natural mahogany reforested wood🇧🇷 Under the top bed is a desk with 4 drawers and there are 6 shelves and a chest at the head of the bottom bed. There will be plenty of space to store toys and clothes.

O bunk bed with desk by Henn is very spacious and compact to place in a boy’s or girl’s room. It is an “L” bunk bed with a pull-out bed. There are 5 shelves and the desk has space for the keyboard. At the head of the lower bed, there is more space to organize the boys’ objects. The structure is made of MDP and MDF and is finished with glossy white UV paint and anti-scratch varnish.

Émile Móveis has a super versatile bunk bed model with a desk that children will love. The bottom bed and the desk can change positions so that the furniture can be adjusted to the taste of boys or girls. The desk has space for the computer, keyboard, printer and CPU. The entire structure is made of MDF with aluminum ladder and protection grid. There are four colors to choose from: pink, blue, orange and green.

The Bedzilla model will make your kids feel like they are sleeping and studying in a tree house. It is all made of raw wood and has plenty of space to store things, without the need for a chest of drawers or an extra closet. There are 10 very large drawers and it has two desks to avoid fights. The upper bed is completely surrounded by boards to ensure the protection of the child and the lower bed has wheels to help with mobility.

Treliche beds with wooden desk for children

The children’s room should be very spacious, in addition to offering a lot of comfort and fun. The more playful the furniture in this room is, the more time the kids will want to spend there playing, sleeping, studying and reading. Therefore, these bunk bed models with a desk can be perfect for you to make the most of the space offered in the bedrooms and turn them into a great game for your children.

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