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Bungie would be developing a mobile version of Destiny • ENTER.CO

Do you want to play Destiny on your mobile? A new report ensures that Bungie is making progress in developing a mobile version of its FPS.

For now there do not seem to be many sources that support the rumor, but according to The Game Post Bungie has made an alliance with the company NetEase (of Chinese origin) for the creation of a mobile version of Destiny. The leak did not come through an official company announcement, but because a NetEase employee who, through a post on his LinkedIn, claimed to have worked with Bungie on an FPS for mobile games. Of course, many added one plus one and jumped to the conclusion that it is a port of Destiny.

To be fair, The Game Post also claims to have an anonymous source who confirmed the alliance and that, in effect, the goal is to create a ported version of Destiny. This source would also have confirmed that the title will not be related to Destiny 2, but will be presented as a standalone title.

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If anything, we can also trust that the rumors point to the truth, considering that since 2021 we have been hearing rumors of this size. Again, the leaks were nothing more than job offers related to the project.

It makes sense that Bungie is looking at new alternatives for their IP right now. Five years later, Bungie continues to offer support for Destiny 2. The company has also confirmed that it is not working on a new Destiny sequel, but that its efforts are currently dedicated to a new RPG-type intellectual property.

Again, for now Bungie has not confirmed that the game is one of its projects, so any expectations should be handled in moderation. It is also certain that any type of port will be significantly different and it may happen, as in the case of Fall Guys, that we are facing a version of the game exclusive to China.

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