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Built-in Kitchen Cabinets Prices Where to Buy

Built-in kitchen cabinets are one of the most beautiful pieces in the house, you can make your kitchen different styles depending on the cabinet. If you want to have a kitchen with a classic style, it is a great option to buy wooden cabinets. Because such furniture is very resistant and follows a more traditional design.

The kitchen must have the style of the owner of the house (Photo Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Promotion, beauty, modernity and comfort. These are words that we all seek to have, especially in our house, our home. There’s nothing better than having a corner of our own and our family’s, a place where we can go back and have a quiet, peaceful roof and, above all, one that meets all our needs. But it’s important that it has our style.

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the best place in the house.

The kitchen is the best place in the house.

Having a well-equipped house is one of the main dreams of all people, mothers, fathers, brothers, everyone wants a nice room, with a shelf, a big television, a soft sofa. But there is another piece, in common in the houses and that all consecutively end up meeting and always getting together, which is the kitchen. The family constantly gathers in this common area of ​​the house, doesn’t it? And why not make your kitchen stylish, practical and modern? Table, refrigerator, stove all built into the matching cabinets, with the same style, color, design leaving the environment clean and beautiful to look at?

Know that all of this is possible, just put built-in furniture in your kitchen, because in addition to being practical, they also make the environment modern and much more cozy, taking advantage of all the spaces, even where you never imagined it could be used.

You can have built-in cabinets made for your kitchen (Photo Disclosure)

Where to find built-in kitchen cabinets?

Built-in kitchen cabinets, you can find them in many furniture stores, but if you want a very special kitchen, you can have them made or look for them in stores that make them to measure. Criere Móveis Planejados is a highly recommended company to do this service for you, just get in touch through the website, and one of their decorators will meet you. The price of the service depends on the model and size of the furniture. For more information visit the website and check, www.criare.com/public/🇧🇷

Carpentry shops that make custom built-in furniture

For homes with bold architecture, built-in kitchen cabinets, modern, custom-made models, how about looking for a carpentry shop, or a modern furniture store? Below are some reliable and tasteful joineries for you to look for:

J & K MARCENARIA: Rua Olinto Lunardi, 530 – Vila Boa Vista – Campinas/SP

Telephone: (19) 3281-2405


TODESCHINI GRAÇA & ESTILO: Avenida 9 de Julho, 2101 Anhangabaú – Anhangabaú – Jundiaí/SP

Telephone: (11) 4523-0005


These are one of the best mercenaries that can fulfill your order with quality and low price, take advantage of these tips and get in touch.

You can buy ready-made built-in kitchen cabinets at furniture stores (Photo Disclosure)

Stores that sell built-in kitchen cabinets

You can find built-in kitchen furniture in physical stores or online according to your needs. Here are some tips we selected for you:

Bahia Houses

– Kitchen Cabinet 8 Doors 2 Drawers Poquema Kit Manu 8P

For: BRL 258.09

In up to 4 installments of BRL 64.52 without interest

– Kitchen Cabinet L Jazz Itatiaia Coimbra Beige

From: BRL 759.90

For: BRL 699.90

In up to 10 installments of R$ 69.99 without interest

– Julia Compact Kitchen with Double Pan and Overhead Cabinet – Without Counter

For: BRL 449.00

Up to 7 installments of BRL 64.14 without interest

The survey was carried out on 7/31/2018, the above prices may change according to company policy. In addition to this, you can also find built-in kitchen furniture in the store. Cold spot🇧🇷

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