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Build spring’s best basic wardrobe – 30 essential items from Arket

Few chains make durable, stylish basics as well as Arket. Here’s everything you need to build a basic spring wardrobe!

Photo: Arket

At the start of a new season, it’s always tempting to indulge in everything that feels new and exciting – but without a well-functioning basic wardrobe, this can result in panic every time you try to put together an outfit.

When it comes to basic garments, Arket is one of the chains that always delivers garments that are used extensively, year after year. Here are some of the pieces, shoes and accessories that make up a winning spring wardrobe staple:

  • A classic shirt – opt for a white or striped model
  • Pants and shorts in comfortable materials
  • A classic spring jacket, like a trench coat or bouclé jacket
  • A bag in a light color
  • Sandals
  • Ballerina shoes
  • Dresses in different colors

Check out our favorites below!

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