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Bucaramanga will host innovation and digital entrepreneurship • ENTER.CO

Colombia 4.0, considered the most important event for the innovation and digital entrepreneurship in Latin America, it will have its fourth regional edition in Bucaramanga on July 21 and 22, announced the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications.

to this event You can attend both in person and virtually. The ICT Ministry proposed a series of virtual conferences to facilitate access to interested parties inside and outside the country.

During Colombia 4th, academic experts from countries such as Argentina, Spain, the United States, Mexico and Colombia will develop an agenda focused on strengthening the creative digital and technology industries. To do this, they will discuss topics such as entrepreneurship, video games, animation and the audiovisual industry, innovation 4.0 and digital skills.

Workshops, activities of co-workingas well as trade shows and spaces to share technological experiences, in which Bucaramanga will be able to show its Creative Industries Development Areaswith which it encourages the integration of artists, creators and digital entrepreneurs in the city.

It may interest you Colombia 4.0 will also be an event suitable for children

During the two days of the event, content creators, businessmen, digital entrepreneurs, professionals and citizens in general will be able to learn about the latest trends in the ICT sector.

In total, there are 5 thematic axes that will be discussed during Colombia 4.0. The entrepreneurship axis seeks to inspire those interested by showing them examples of “Latino unicorns.” Because they are the exponents of the digital entrepreneurship Inside and outside of the country.

On the axis innovation 4.0 new trends in the industry will be announced. The most advanced techniques used for operations with intelligent technologies such as robotics will be shown. This axis will also talk about artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, nanotechnology and the Internet of things.

In Animation and audiovisual industry the bet is to share learning in relation to digital animation and audiovisual production. The greatest exponents in the world intend to encourage the development of new techniques and deepen skills in this aspect.

Colombia 4.0 is emerging as the showcase in which the country will be able to exhibit its progress in innovation and digital entrepreneurship. At the same time, you will be able to draw on successful Latin American experiences.

Image: Mintic.gov.co

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