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BTS will now have Disney+ as its home • ENTER.CO

Do you think that Marvel is the franchise that moves passions the most on Disney +? Well, until recently they could have been right, except that this week Disney announced that it will increase its content offering by bringing different documentaries by the K-Pop band BTS to its streaming service in Latin America.

The announcement confirmed that fans will soon be able to enjoy BTS: Permit to dance in Stage, which will allow fans in Latam to enjoy their 2022 concert in Los Angeles, United States. It is not the only content on the way, because at some point in 2023 Disney + will also have a series / documentary called BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star that according to its members will show their more “personal” side.

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The addition of BTS may seem minor to those who are not very connected to the world of K-Pop. However, few groups are as numerous, vocal and passionate as bands like BTS. It is enough to remember the most recent social events in which the mere presence of their fans was capable of changing trends in social networks or inflating attendance at Rallies just to annoy certain presidents of the United States.

For now there is no exact confirmation of when these productions will arrive at Disney +, only windows. However, it is more than certain that close to the premiere of both Disney will publish some advances to excite their fans. It is also a move that makes sense, considering that Disney already has some concerts and musicals in its catalog today. If anything, the new series that are added to its catalog seem to demonstrate the future plans that the platform has.

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