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Bruce Willis’s will could cause discord among his older daughters and his ex-wife

Bruce Willis would have apparently arranged that when he dies, his eldest daughters would only receive a million dollars from his fortune.

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images

When actor Bruce Willis received the news that he had aphasia He immediately looked for a possible cure for his illness, but upon discovering that far from improving, little by little he would become disconnected from his loved ones. He immediately thought of writing a will where his fortune amassed throughout his film career would be distributed among his relatives.

In this way, when the moment of his departure from this plane arrived, he would avoid leaving his will in the air.

However, the distribution of the nearly $250 million dollars is apparently not at all equitable for their older daughters. procreated from the relationship he had with the also actress Demi Moore.

And it is that According to information released by the Radar Online site, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, the oldest daughters of the 67-year-old actor, will only receive one million dollars when their father dies.

In counterpart, Emma Hemming, Willis’s current wife, and her two daughters Mabel and Evelyn, would keep the rest of the estate.

“He believes that Rumer, Scout and Tallulah have gotten the best of what he has to offer financially throughout their lives,” says a source quoted anonymously by the website, who says he is very close to the actor’s family.

The same person stresses that Bruce Willis’s reasoning is justified by the fact that his ex-wife Demi Moore’s fortune is around $200 million dollars, an amount that he considers sufficient to support the daughters they both had during their 13-year relationship.

It should be noted that Bruce Willis and Emma Hemming met in 2007 and after a couple of years they legally joined their lives to then have a couple of girls.

In this way, it is projected that even when, apparently, the will of the actor who participated in nearly 60 films is already dictated, when the time comes for his absence, a legal dispute could break out aimed at making the distribution of the fortune of Willis and the possible argument that could be used is that aphasia affected his mental condition at the time he signed his most recent will.

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