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Bruce Willis’s health is deteriorating very quickly and his family is devastated

In nine months, the 67-year-old actor has lost the way to communicate and his condition is delicate.

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At the end of March, Hollywood was shocked after the family of Bruce Willis officially announced that the 67-year-old actor suffered from aphasis.and due to this, he ended his professional career.

Since then, his current wife Emma Heming and his ex-wife Demi Moore have been given the task of caring for him. at your home, where they are consumed by seeing how the disease evolves rapidly and practically only the shadow of what he was remains of the charismatic actor.

And it is that aphasia is a neurodegenerative disease that makes it difficult for people who suffer from it to be able to read, write and express themselves, to the point of disconnecting them from their environment.

Recently, the media Online Radar gave testimony of a person close to the family of Bruce Willis who, under the condition of anonymity, pointed out that Emma Heming is devastated, since the rate of aphasia has been faster than expected and every day is disorienting the actor more.

“Bruce can’t say much and doesn’t seem to understand much of what other people are saying. The disease he suffers from, which affects his ability to express himself and move, has been progressing, until he is completely disabled“, he indicated.

According to the cited source, in a humanitarian gesture, the actress Demi Moore is in permanent contact with Emma Heming and together they try to maintain strength as Bruce sadly disconnects from his environment.

There are days when you see glimpses of the previous Bruce, but they are brief and far between. It seems that every time he gets further away from them and breaks their hearts. Demi has been in constant contact with Bruce and Emma, ​​she is taking every opportunity she gets to spend time with him. If she’s not by her side, she calls on the phone so Bruce can hear her voice,” she said.

Watching their father collapse is also tearing the German-born actor’s five daughters apart.

“They know they won’t be here forever, so they are cherishing every moment,” said the person close to the family.

It should be noted that, throughout his career, Bruce Willis filmed more than 60 movies and this allowed him to amass a fortune of around $250 million dollars.

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