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‘Brown noise’, the TikTok trend that has health benefits

The generation that is on TikTok is digitizing a new kind of sound called “brown noise.” This “noise” in addition to being a trend, has some health benefits that you should know.

Before explaining to you what “brown noise” is, we must remember that some guy makes sure you have already heard “white noise”. These sound frequencies are rolling all over the Internet, even many are already circulating on Spotify and YouTube. Now it is the turn of the “brown noise” that is driving TikTok users crazy.

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So “white noise” is a blanket of sound created from all sound spectrums. It ranges from low frequencies to those that are emitted in the highest frequencies. With this combination, a torrent of soft sounds is generated, such as a drizzle or a gentle stream, which are “relaxing” to the ear. Now, the “brown noise” unlike white, emphasizes the deepest notes of the sound spectrum. High frequencies are eliminated and the experience is deeper and calmer. Heavy rains, kingdoms and rushing rivers are associated with this type of sound.

utility for health

Studies published in ResearchGate made by Organizations such as the University of Sweden, the Lund University of Cognitive Sciences in Sweden and the Department of Psychology at New York University reveal that there are several health benefits. White noise improves the listener’s cognitive performance and verbal working memory. For now, “brown noise” has been little studied, but in this successful TikTok trend, users say they feel better shielding this version. Although there is only personal perception, the truth is that today it is the most listened to sound on TikTok.

Image: Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

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