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Brock Lesnar – WWE relationship in uncertainty: the ‘incarnate beast’ could leave after Wrestlemania

Brock Lesnar, wrestling fighter and retired from MMA.

Photo: AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images

There are only a few weeks left for the biggest wrestling event in the world, Wrestlemaniaso all the stories and encounters in the WWE they are heating up and the expectant fans demand that the show go ‘in crescendo’.

One of the stars of sports entertainment that most appeals to the masses is Brock Lesnar, known as the ‘incarnate beast’. The heavyweight will go back to Wrestlemania and will face Omos in a fight without a title in between but with the attraction that both are dominators in the ring.

However, Brock’s head would not only put on a good show next weekend of April 1-2, but leave WWE after the event.

The Hispanic analyst and narrator Hugo Savinovich, with a long and respected career in wrestling, recently assured that Lesnar wants to step aside, dissatisfied with the plans that the company has had for him in recent years, away from the fight for the scepter. major.

“Has been anger from Brock Lesnarwho thinks ‘this is what they are going to give me for Wrestlemania?’”, revealed Savinovich in the last episode of his podcast.

“Brock Lesnar no longer wants to be with WWE, these situations have brought him to that point. It’s not that he won’t be at Wrestlemania (…) I think a fighter like Brock Lesnar deserves a better fate than that, “added the owner of iconic phrases like” Just a little bit!

Brock Lesnar will not leave WWE … Not yet

On the other hand, the specialized media PWInsider He assured that Lesnar, 45, does not plan to leave WWE but the discontent with the stories they are giving him, and especially for an event as important as Wrestlemania, does exist.

What the wrestling portal handles is that the incarnated beast will take a break after Wrestlemania 29, something very common since his contract is one of eventual appearances.

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