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Britney Spears hits back at breakup rumors: ‘Never felt better’

Britney Spears is now fighting back against rumors that all is not right with her. “[A]I think they know my story. Think again,” she writes on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram @britneyspears

Last week, TMZ reported that police had been called to Britney Spears’ house after several of the star’s fans expressed concern when she abruptly shut down her Instagram account. After it appeared that all was well with the artist, she asked her fans to respect her privacy in a post on Twitter.

The incident happened shortly after a video purported to show Spears breaking down at a Los Angeles restaurant went viral online – despite the clip only showing her hiding her face behind a menu to avoid being filmed. An employee of the restaurant in question also refuted the rumors of a breakdown, saying that it was in fact the person filming who was causing the disturbance.

Britney Spears: “Never felt better”

Now Britney is back on Instagram – and she has a thing or two to say to the people who have had opinions about her mental health lately:

“Because everyone thinks they know my story. Think again!”, she writes. “No, I’m not having a breakdown. I am who I am and move forward in life. I have never felt better!”

The star also uses a new nickname for himself: River Red, which can be translated as “Red River”.

“Being able to raise my voice in a world where I lost my rights for fifteen years gives me an opportunity to succeed,” she writes and goes on to say that she reactivated her account on Instagram “because I can.”

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