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Britney Spears fans worried after strange Instagram post: “Likes to suck”

Since Britney Spears was released from her guardianship at the end of 2021, the star has regularly posted photos on Instagram that have sparked strong reactions from her fans – something that happened again earlier this week when the star posted a scantily clad picture of herself in a bathtub .

Photo: Instagram @dimitrishair/@britneyspears

Earlier this week, Britney Spears posted a post on Instagram that many of her fans have reacted strongly to. In the post, Spears sits naked in a bathtub and under the picture she has written the following text:

“I like to suck!!! Never professional pictures… it’s easy for me to suck!!! Keep clapping bitch!!!”

“Completely out of control”

In the comments section, many of the fans expressed concern about the photo, which is one of many scantily clad ones the star has posted since she was released from her guardianship last winter:

“[Hon verkar] completely out of control. It breaks my heart,” writes one fan.

Another person commented: “It’s not the pictures that worry me, it’s her comments on them. They are strange, some are completely illogical or sound paranoid. She doesn’t sound like a woman in control of herself.”

However, other people believe that the images are completely normal for social media:

“Grow up! She can post nudes if she wants, how are they hurting anyone? Why are people upset? Not much difference between this and what Kim K or Cardi B do all the time, even Beyoncé has done it. Britney just likes to take back control of her body like this so let her do it,” writes one person.

Another fan points out: “What’s the difference between this and a Kardashian picture?”

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