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Brisa invests 40 million euros in service areas

The plan covered 33 Colibri restaurants in the service areas of the entire Brisa network and reinforcement of electric charging stations.

The new Colibri spaces are operated by Brisa Áreas de Serviço, a company controlled by Brisa in partnership with the multinational Areas and which has more than 600 employees.

Manuel Melo Ramos, director of Brisa, explains that “the service areas play a fundamental role in the motorway experience and are the main point of contact with our customers. Colibri’s new concept aims to improve the stop experience, increasing interaction, ensuring a high standard of quality through operational management control and maximizing the potential of these spaces”.

The new Colibri spaces are positioned as comfort areas that respond to the needs of travellers. The spaces are warmly decorated, with several areas, the bathrooms deserve special attention, including high standards of cleanliness. There are spaces dedicated to younger guests and Wi-Fi in all areas of the restaurants.

There is a great increase in the food offer, with a strong focus on local products.

Manuel Melo Ramos says that “the customer satisfaction index is already on the rise. We receive 8.5 million people a year, sell 5 million coffees and 1.7 million pasteis de nata. These are our main products, but, for example, since the new Colibri opened in Mealhada, we have already sold 300,000 suckling pig sandwiches; It’s a huge leap from what we’ve seen before.”

Brisa’s administrator underlines that “as an integrated motorway service provider, Brisa has road safety as one of its main lines of action, and this is also a way of encouraging our customers to take a break from their journeys. We want this investment to contribute to simple, safe and sustainable mobility”.

Reinforcement of shipments

In addition to the 33 million euros invested in the new Colibri concept, Brisa increased the number of charging stations for electric vehicles.

The electric charging offer was extended to 11 motorways, which already have 82 charging stations in an investment of around 10 million euros carried out with Brisa’s partners for this segment.

Manuel Melo Ramos, director of Brisa, says that “electric mobility is booming and this year alone, until October, there was a growth of almost 60% in sales of electric vehicles in Portugal.

The energy transition and the change to electric mobility is a priority for Brisa. Two years ago we had 17 charging stations, now we have more than quadrupled the offer. Today it is already possible to go from north to south of the country in an electric vehicle without charging problems”.

On average, these stations are registering close to 400 daily charges, just over half (52%) carried out on the A1, with the Santarém service area, in both directions, being the most used to charge electric vehicles.

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