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Bringing a quartz to your romantic date can help you succeed: how to program it

Quartz act as conductors and amplifiers of energy, which means they are capable of enhancing our vibrations and making us more pleasing to the eyes of others. For this reason, They could become your main energy allies if you want your next romantic date to be a success.as revealed by experts on the subject.

Crystals, as these minerals are also called, are more than just lucky charms. Coming directly from the earth where they remained for thousands or millions of years, they are believed to contain the energy of our planet’s electromagnetic field, which can be tuned to ours.

However, for these tools that the universe gives us to work better, must be programmed according to our purpose.

How to program a quartz for a romantic date?

The nerves of a date are completely justified, especially when it is the first time. Nobody wants to make a fool of themselves or make a bad impression. And for this we can program the quartz. According to an article written by experts from Cosmopolitan.com we must first have a quartz. It doesn’t matter what it is, although you should know that rose quartz is the most suitable for heart issues.

Once you have your quartz at hand, perform the following ritual:

Step 1: rinse it under running tap water for a few minutes and dry it very well with a dry towel or cloth.
Step 2: Place it in an inn so that it receives the light of the moon. Leave it there for at least an hour.
Step 3: to activate the crystal take it with your hands, close your eyes and imagine that a light enters through your nose into your lungs to the rhythm of your deep breath. Bring your quartz to your mouth and exhale on it visualizing that this light is impregnated in the mineral. Repeat this step several times as you think about your intention.
Step 4: Put it in the sunlight for 1 hour so that it has much more power.

How to use quartz for a romantic date?

Once the quartz is activated and programmed, now it’s time to do the magic. There are several rituals to extract its energy, we show you 3 very simple ones:

quartz elixir

If your quartz is waterproof, place it in a glass of water and leave it in the moonlight or sunlight for 12 hours. Remove the mineral and drink the water before your date while visualizing how you want your romantic meeting to be.


Hours before your appointment, sit in a comfortable chair with your back straight or assume the lotus position. Place the quartz over your heart and imagine what it would be like for you to be successful in that meeting.

Wear quartz as an amulet

If the nerves take over you, take the quartz with you to your appointment. It will be enough to place it in your pocket, wallet or carry it as a bracelet or charm.

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