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Brett Favre Sues Two Sportscasters And Mississippi State Auditor For Defamation In Alleged Corruption Case

Former American Football player Brett Favre.

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Hall of Fame quarterback and Brett Favre filed three lawsuits Thursday against two sportswriters and the Mississippi state auditor.accuses everyone of having defamed him in public debates about the corruption trial in which the former NFL player has been involved for some time, the information was released by the news agency PA.

The two sportswriters Favre sued are Shannon Sharpe and Pat McAfee, while the Mississippi state auditor is Shad White.. The former player alleged in the case of Sharpe, that the communicator had defamed him on a talk show on Fox Sportsin which he assured that Favre had stolen money from people in extreme poverty.

Brett Favre between complaints and more complaints

On McAfee’s side, Favre claimed that he had issued false statements against him, including expletives and qualifying adjectives such as “thief“, a term he used to refer to the NFL legend who is currently 53 years old.

However, Favre’s lawsuit against the state auditor is based on various appearances on television programs on major networks such as CNN, HBO, ESPNprint and online media, among others. The legal representative of the legendary quarterback affirms that none of the aforementioned media would have given White a voice if it had not been for the fact that he was going to speak ill of Brett Favre.

Spokesmen for the state auditor assured that everything said against Favre is true and they recalled before this reality that the former American football player would have returned part of the money for which he was accused.

The corruption case involving Brett Favre

It should be noted that Brett Favre became involved in the fraud case in 2020 after investigators from the state auditor’s office revealed diversion of funds that went to benefit those most in need in Missippi and that they ended up fattening the pockets of influential characters. Similarly, the construction of a volleyball court at the University of Southern Mississippi, Favre’s alma mater, was denounced.

Brett Favre’s daughter began practicing volleyball in 2017, which is why all the data fit the investigation. For now, it remains to wait until all this legal novel stops and wait for who of those involved will end up being right.

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