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Brazil is also considering establishing the USB-C cable • ENTER.CO

Yesterday, the telecommunications regulator of our neighboring country, Brazil, launched a public consultation on the proposal that the USB-C charger be the generic one for the entire country. Anatel, the regulator, made the consultation based on the latest EU ruling where they approved the USB-C charger for the entire European territory.

Brazil is the latest example of legislators and regulators resorting to the single loading port measure, in order to contribute to the environment. The EU passed the law earlier this month, obliging technology manufacturers that all types of electronic devices must have the USB-C port; for their part, some politicians in the United States are pushing for a similar law to be passed.

“Aware of the aforementioned movements in the international market, Anatel’s technical area evaluated the issue and presented a proposal with a similar approach for application in the Brazilian market,” Anatel commented in a blog post (Spanish translation via Google translate).

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In the documents presented by Anatel to support the public consultation, the entity commented that the advantage of making USB-C mandatory is, as other countries have stated, the reduction of electronic waste. In addition, it is expected that, with this measure, the users of these devices will feel more comfortable, because if the original cable is damaged, it recasts, etc. it will be easier to replace it. As for the disadvantages, Anatel mentions the higher costs required to enforce such regulation; It was also mentioned that the law may discourage manufacturers from developing new technological standards.

If the consultation has a positive result and this law begins to be carried out, the manufacturer that would be most affected would be Apple. The apple company is still manufacturing different devices with its traditional Lightning port, which has been patented for iPhone. However, there has been talk for some time that Apple is working on a USB-C charging port for its cell phones, tablets and computers.

Anatel mentioned that the public consultation will be enabled until next August 26.

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