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Brazil Aid will pay difference to beneficiaries

Auxílio Brasil will arrive in November to replace Bolsa Família, as in October Emergency Aid will be definitively terminated and in order not to leave several families destitute, the government created this new program and, in addition, will pay the difference in amounts to beneficiaries.

If for some reason the migration from one program to another causes the value to be reduced, the beneficiary will be placed in the transitional compensatory benefit.

What this article covers:

Benefit of transition

This rule had to be created so that the transferred families do not lose the values ​​they received in the Bolsa Família before this transition of programs, therefore, the beneficiary who received only R$ 100.00 in the Auxílio Brasil, but who received R$ 200.00 in the Bolsa Família must receive an additional R$ 100.00 to offset the transitional amount.

Photo: Ana Nascimento/CCE/gov.br

However, there is no defined deadline for this rule to end, so this compensatory benefit will be paid until the family leaves the Brazil Aid.

The arrival of the Brazil Aid will replace the Emergency Aid and will replace the Bolsa Família. The amounts that will be paid will be equivalent to the Bolsa Família payments for the month of July 2021.

Will the Value remain?

The MP mentions that these amounts of the compensatory benefit may be changed and gradually reduced and/or terminated, as soon as other programs, which are linked to the Auxílio Brasil, begin to pay a similar amount already offered some time ago.

The beneficiary will continue to be entitled to transition supplements until the amount is offset by other social programs. Even the values ​​received by a family can be changed and change according to the family composition.

What is Brazil Aid?

This program will replace the Emergency Aid and help families who may be helpless with its end. In addition, Auxílio Brasil takes the place of Bolsa Família and will welcome all other families already included in the social program.

To be eligible for the new social program, it is enough for heads of families to go to the CRAS or nearest CadÚnico to carry out a registration update as soon as possible, since in November the Auxílio Brasil will come into effect.

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