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Brazil Aid: CadÚnico is a prerequisite

Above all, the Single Registry has become the main focus of the Federal Government because it makes it possible to include families in the zone of extreme poverty in the Auxílio Brasil, in addition to having other social programs in the case of Bolsa Família, Benefit of Continuous Provision ( BPC), Social Electricity Tariff, and finally Emergency Aid.

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In advance, although being enrolled in CadÚnico may be the key to directly entering the Auxílio Brasil, it does not mean that it will be an automatic entry into any social benefit program offered by the government. Note, therefore, that Auxílio Brasil requires this prerequisite, but it will be important to evaluate the registration of each applicant. Therefore, it will be possible to enroll in CadÚnico:

  • Families with a monthly income of half the minimum wage per capita, R$ 550.00;
  • Families with a total income of three minimum wages, an amount of R$ 3,300;
  • Families with incomes above three minimum wages, who must be registered with the three spheres of government;
  • People who live alone and are constituted by so-called single-person families;
  • People who live on the street, either alone or with their own family.

It is essential that all interested parties register in CadÚnico, through the analyses. It will be necessary to wait until you get a positive response to the request.

How to register in CadÚnico?

First, find a CadÚnico in your city to be able to register your family, and usually the municipal governments usually carry out the registration at the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) or any CadÚnico and Bolsa Família office.

Through CRAS it becomes possible to obtain more information about the place of registration, in case the place itself does not provide the interview. There are certain cases in which it becomes feasible to make appointments through the call center.


Above all, it will be important that the head of the family must be over 16 years old, have a CPF, voter registration card and be, preferably, a woman. Have other documents that will be required at the time of registration:

  • ID card;
  • Workbook;
  • Wedding certificate;
  • Birth certificate;
  • CPF;
  • Birth registration (RANI) for indigenous people;
  • Voter title.

In the case of indigenous or quilombola heads of family, they will not need to present a CPF or voter registration card, only the other documents mentioned. People who do not have documents or registration can enroll in CadÚnico, but they will only have access to the programs when they have the correct documents.


The next step is the registration interview. The social interviewer will ask several questions about a variety of factors about the reality of each family, as well as the family members, housing characteristics, expenses, in addition to asking about any family member with a disability, education level, remuneration and work characteristics.

It will be possible for the interviewer himself to request the signature of the head of household on the form which had to be completed and deliver this proof of registration.

registration confirmation

As soon as the data of each family is presented in CadÚnico, the system itself will carry out the analysis to make sure that these people have acquired the Social Identification Number. In this case, the process usually takes about 48 hours, in addition to having the main objective of having complete guarantee that each person in the register is one. Only those who have the NIS can participate in social programs offered by the government.

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