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BPC value will be increased in 2022: see!

The Benefit of Continued Provision (BPC) will pay an extra monthly benefit amount of R$ 112.00 as of February this year. Due to the readjustments in the minimum wage in 2022 to R$ 1,212.00, several other benefits given by the government were also modified.

This available amount corresponds to the difference between the 2021 and 2022 salary, which means that those who are part of the BPC will be able to receive the updated amount as soon as the deposits are allocated.

What this article covers:

What is BPC?

The BPC is an aid for the elderly and for people who have a low income, are disabled and show vulnerability, even without having ever made any contribution to Social Security. One of the criteria for accessing the benefit is the analysis of family income, which this year each member of the family needs to have an income between R$ 303.00 and R$ 606.00.

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In this sense, for the elderly, the analysis was decreed without the need to travel to the agency carrying the original documentation. Until the month of June, the INSS plans to comply with the period given by the Federal Court of Justice up to 3 months (90 days) to carry out the analyses.

Why will the BPC value be increased?

The reason for this was the increase in the minimum wage of R$ 112.00, which is the new value of the benefit, as it means the difference between the amount of wages in 2021 and 2022. But not only was the BPC benefit changed, but also several others presented amendments.

Who can apply for the BPC?

Those who can apply for the benefit are elderly aged 65 years or older and people who have a disability and prove that they can support themselves and cannot be supported by their family. It is also necessary to prove family income to meet the requirements.

How to apply?

To make the request, it is necessary to have a registration in the cadúnico by the Social Assistance Reference Center, for those who already have the registration, it must be updated. Meanwhile, due to the pandemic generated by covid-19, calls will be remote.

Attention: Face-to-face consultations can only take place with an appointment and in urgent situations such as the loss of benefits.

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