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“Botox in a bottle” – here’s the viral serum that claims to banish wrinkles

The Ordinary has long been praised for its effective, wallet-friendly and uncomplicated products, and their Argireline Solution 10% is no exception. Here’s everything you need to know about the serum known as “Botox in a bottle”.

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With over 42 million views, it’s safe to say that the hashtag “Botox in a bottle” has been a hit on TikTok. What the hashtag is actually about is a product that more and more people have opened their eyes to: The Ordinary’s serum, Argireline Solution 10%.

The TikToker: “Impressed”

One of the people who claims to have seen positive results after trying the serum is TikTok user Nicole, who goes by the username @nikkmatt. In a video, she explains that she uses the serum on her forehead and crow’s feet:

“I’ve actually noticed that my skin has gotten a little tighter and I’m impressed,” she says. “Is it super dramatic like botox? No, only botox is that dramatic. But in time this should be a great alternative to botox.”

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Shows the change after four weeks

Another user who has tried The Ordinarys Argireline Solution 10% is Sarah Palmyra who has made two videos about the serum: one where she introduces the product and one where she shows off the results after using it in her skin care routine for four weeks.

In her second video, Sarah shares that she found a study with Argireline that shows the product is most effective in combination with Matrixyl, a peptide composition included in The Ordinary’s range. All said and done: after four weeks of using both products, Sarah shows the effect they had on her worry wrinkle.

“I’m really impressed with the result,” says the TikToker, showing that the wrinkle is significantly less “intense”.

She admits that the products cannot replace botox and believes that you have to use them every day to see results, but adds: “At this price, it’s a given choice. They get the thumbs up from me.”

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So says the plastic surgeon

According to The Ordinary’s own product description, Argireline Solution 10% be a way to cure “dynamic” wrinkles without injections – in other words, without products like Botox. Daniel Ezra, consultant eye and oculoplastic surgeon, explains why the serum is marketed as a solution to wrinkles:

“Argireline works to prevent muscle movement, which results in the formation of wrinkles. It also favors the production of collagen, which makes it a great ingredient,” he says in an interview with Refinery29.

However, he adds that the effects of these types of skin care products are “modest” at best:

“But they can be a good option for those who may not want to try injections, people who don’t like needles, or those who can’t afford injections.”

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