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Books: most anticipated releases of the 1st semester of 2023 Book Launches of 2023

Everyone who loves books lives with great anticipation waiting for releases. Thus, in the first months of the no, lovers of reading are looking for releases

This year 2023 is very special. Because it promises amazing publications in all genres.

That’s why we prepared a list of the best book tips. Which will be in bookstores later this semester. Stay tuned and don’t miss reading.

In this list we try to indicate the most expected publications. Including serving all genres. No reader will be left out.

A Song of Love and Hate

To lovers of a good novel, the author Vinícius Grossos with A Song of Love and Hate. Book that hit the shelves in January promises to conquer the reader.

The story relates the dispute between two music artists. But, to save both careers, his advisers have an outside-the-box idea. Thus, hatred can turn midway.

Music and controversy will lead to a pleasant reading. Its market value is around R$53. whereas in e-book it can be downloaded for up to 27 reais.

When the Birds Return

This is a literary drama by Fernando Aramburu. The story deals with existential questions. That is, the main character is Toni, who chose his death date. That’s because he doesn’t see anything good in the future.

As time passes, he says goodbye to his belongings. As well as he writes his memoirs. Therefore, it is a drama that leads the reader to observe the best of life when letting go.

The book is on sale from the 20th of January. Thus, the value of the physical book is on average 90 reais. The e-book is at 62 reais.

Pageboy: A Memoir

Pageboy comes to meet lovers of a beautiful biography. Well, the text brings the story of Eliot Page, trans actor, of great works in Hollywood.

In the book he promises to recount details of his life as well as career. That is, to address the main difficulties. Including their discoveries as a genre.

The launch date is for the month of June. Including simultaneous presentation in the US and Brazil. Although there is still no title in Portuguese, expectations are high.

It is important to pay attention to pre-sales and book as soon as possible. Eliot is a story worth knowing.

The Restorer of Faces

Biography of Harold Gillies, the surgeon who revolutionized plastic surgery. Therefore, “O Restaurador de Rostos” is a true story of the post-First World War period.

Lindsey Fitzharrism the author, tells how many people have had their bodies reconstituted. This after disfiguring himself in combat.

This is a biography style that relates the historical context. That is, it is possible to learn about the first world war, from this real character.

The launch took place at the end of February. And its average value is 55 reais. The ebook version is for 35 reais.

The Retreat

The book “O Retiro” arrived at bookstores at the beginning of February. It’s a Sarah Pearse thriller. The story takes place in a retreat. That is, a moment that should be of well-being, does not happen like that

The plot promises a lot of suspense, as well as emotion. It all takes place on Death Stone Island. That is, a sinister place that was once a killer’s shelter.

The author is compared by the specialist to Agatha Christie. So, considering the reference, the drama will not lack emotion. The average sale value of the physical book is 60 reais. While the ebook costs 40 reais.

what’s left

Royal fans are very well covered this semester. Well, in January Prince Harry released his book. In which he tells his experiences with the most famous family in the world.

The book brings accounts of Harry’s life. As well as his experience and situations amid the royal family. Evidently, there are many behind the scenes to satisfy readers’ curiosity.

Therefore, there is an unmissable book in 2023. To find out more about the private life of the Windsor dynasty, the value is 53 reais. But for the ebook the bill is a little lower, 36 reais.

the dragon republic

In mid-February, “A República do Dragão” arrived at bookstores. This is the second volume of the trilogy “A Guerra da Poppy”. Thus, it comes to serve those who like history with fantasy.

The main character, Rin, in this sequel, will face the dramas of her past acts. That is, with a lot of emotion, action and magic. Is the Empire safe?

This book consecrates the author RF Kuang is one of the most important in the fantasy genre. That is, she delivers all her creativity and talent in this work. Which can be purchased for 73 reais as a physical book. As well as in ebook for 45 reais.

The Stolen Heir

Holly Black, author of The Cruel Prince, presents readers with The Stolen Heir. This is the sequel to the trilogy. In an environment that is 8 years after the last volume.

This story is intended to spawn a sequel. Therefore, those who embark on reading should already know this. The value of the work is around 40 reais. But those who acquire receive some gifts as a toast.

For lovers of Black’s universe, this is an indispensable story. So don’t waste time, read and write your review.

For readers on duty, we present in this text some of the best releases of 2023. We approach different possible genres. While we offer tips to make your reading richer.

For those who are not used to reading, maybe it’s time to start. Take advantage of this list and invest in culture. So, get to know good stories and the best authors.

Remember that each reading provides a journey. Thus, each character becomes part of the story of whoever reads it. In addition, knowledge promotes evolution and better ability to solve problems.

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