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Bolsa Familia of R$ 300 is Paulo Guedes’ priority

According to the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, the resources will come from income tax and are within the spending ceiling. The government has zero priority to carry out Bolsa Família in the amount of R$ 300.00.

These mentions were made on September 14, at the Macro Day event promoted by BTG Pactual, in São Paulo.

What this article covers:

What is Priority Zero?

The zero priority agenda simply means that Bolsa Família values ​​must and must reach the value of R$ 300.00, and the President of the Republic has already stated that this will be the value within the ceiling and with fiscal responsibility.

The Minister also harshly criticized the companies that are against the tax reforms of the income tax. He said that without any prudence, businessmen appear in Brasília to put pressure on income tax, that is, these same businessmen want to make Bolsa Família unfeasible.

Paulo Guedes also adds that if they do nothing to contain extreme poverty in Brazil, the picture will be much worse, especially if they keep, for example, the Emergency Aid active. Spending was higher and exceeded the spending ceiling in 2020 and 2021.

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Therefore, the main solution to help the families that will be without the emergency program as of November, will be to increase the values ​​of the Bolsa Familia for everyone in need.

What is Bolsa Familia?

Bolsa Família is a social program created in 2003, during the then government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. At the time, its main objective was to unify conditional transfer programs with income that already existed.

Currently, Bolsa Família is targeted at poor and extremely poor families in Brazil, according to the number of people living with the head of household. Therefore, values ​​may vary from person to person.

Who is entitled to receive Bolsa Família?

People included in the CadÚnico may be entitled to receive the values ​​of the social program, check below:

  • Families in poverty: income between R$89.01 and R$178.00;
  • Families in extreme poverty: income of up to R$ 89.00 per month, which have pregnant women, nursing mothers, children or adolescents between 0 and 17 years old in their family composition.

With the expansion of the program’s values, it will be beneficial for many families who will be without the Emergency Aid that worked as a salary supplement. Those who receive the Bolsa Família program should wait for more information about the Auxílio Brasil that will be inserted in the month of November.

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