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Bolsa Família beneficiaries will receive gas vouchers

Now beneficiaries of the Bolsa Familia will be able to receive the gas voucher. In view of rising prices, the arrival of this benefit is a relief for Brazilian families who are entitled to the allowance.

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The president stated that the benefit is already being finalized and will be financed by Petrobras. The idea is to cover 14.6 million Bolsa Família beneficiary families.

The benefit will last for 15 months and is a government strategy to prevent its popularity from falling.

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See how to apply for Bolsa Familia

The methodology for enrolling in the Bolsa Familia program is carried out through the new CadÚnico, enrollment in the ”Single Registry for the GF social programs]In addition to the aforementioned, the referring families must be within the criteria established by the MC (Ministry of Citizenship) due to the fact to be considered eligible for granting the benefit.

For this context, it is essential to seek out the CRAS, a service which is most often linked to Brazilian municipal governments and also to the DF. The respective person responsible for the family must represent the other family members and answer interviews to enable approval.

In addition, other requirements must be respected such as:

  • Have an income not exceeding BRL 89 per month;
  • If you have family members between 0 and 17 years old, the income per person must be a maximum of R$ 178 per month;
  • As for pregnant women, there is a duty to attend pre-birth appointments, based on the MoH calendar;
  • Participate in MS educational activities provided to breastfeeding mothers (Requirement valid only for mothers in these conditions);
  • Have children’s vaccinations up to date;
  • Manage the health of women between 14 and 44 years old through follow-up;
  • Honor the obligation to ensure attendance of eighty-five percent of children in school when they are children and also adolescents up to 15 years old, and seventy-five percent if they are adolescents between sixteen and seventeen;

The responsible person must be at least sixteen years old and be updating the data whenever any changes arise.

Understand the High Price of Cooking Gas

The contrast in cylinder prices is alarming, it has already exceeded R$ 100 reais in some regions, rising by almost 30% based on the ANP?? And the rise in prices is due to numerous factors, highlighting the rise in the price of the dollar against the real, and also price changes in terms of oil. In addition, Petrobras’ management influences the final value of the gas.

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