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Bogotá and the Sena open a call for the Emprender Fund • ENTER.CO

Bogotá will provide seed capital for entrepreneurs in the capital through the Fondo Emprender program, in alliance with the Sena.

The Colombian capital continues to consolidate itself as one of those that offers the greatest opportunities for the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the region. Recently, the city was recognized in the third Latin American place among the 100 cities of the Global Startup Ecosystem report.

Local government policies, plus the growing investment of private funds, have turned the city into an important hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

That is why the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, through the Secretariat of Economic Development, joining forces with the Sena, launched the Entrepreneur Fund call. The purpose of the fund is to support start-ups at an early stage. Therefore, it will finance productive initiatives in all sectors that are developed by entrepreneurs from the capital.

The program will offer up to $80 million pesos for each business idea. But in addition to financing, the selected projects will receive advice on ideation, modeling and formulation of business plans, evaluation of their business plans and advice for their implementation.

“The Sena seeks to support all the entrepreneurs who have been developing their business plan in the company of consultancies and with the support of the entity’s entrepreneurial leaders and managers. This call aims to finance business initiatives in any sector that come from or are developed by entrepreneurs from the city of Bogotá”, explained Hernán Fuentes, director of Employment, Labor and Entrepreneurship of the Sena.

The Mayor’s Office and the Seine hope to impact some 260 entrepreneurs and manage to generate at least 700 new jobs in the capital. For the development of the program, more than $20,000 million in resources will be allocated.

“With the resources delivered through the Emprender Fund, we are making it possible to create new jobs that will once again boost the economy of our city. In addition, these entrepreneurs will be able to access the entire business growth portfolio that the Ministry of Economic Development has designed,” added Carolina Durán, Ministry of Economic Development.

In the last decade, the Emprender Fund has allocated more than $740 billion pesos to support entrepreneurs throughout the country. It has supported nearly 9,000 business ideas that have been consolidated into more than 36,600 new jobs.

Those interested in applying can consult the requirements at this link.

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